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As IT Support Manager at StockTake Online, Ayushi Saxena brings eight years of rich experience in the Hospitality and IT sector. Her profound commitment to continuous learning and adaptability plays a pivotal role not only in enhancing technical trends but also in problem-solving capabilities, leadership skills, and people management. Her expertise spans System Implementation, Hospitality Analytical Data Study, Customer-Centric Approach, User Education and Comprehensive Training. All crucial components within the dynamic realm of support management. 

Ayushi Saxena embodies the spirit of growth and resilience, contributing significantly to StockTake Online's success. She has notably increased staff support's product knowledge while simultaneously enhancing troubleshooting skills. Her dedication is evident through designing and implementing training programs for the team. 

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StockTake Online is revolutionizing the process of discovering reliable and fitting restaurant content in the digital era, rendering it remarkably effortless. We are enhancing the comprehensibility and availability of hospitality information to empower you in making optimal decisions for your hospitality enterprise. 

StockTake Online is a stock control software that enables suppliers and operators to collaborate. It is the perfect sales, inventory, and accounting software for restaurants. It helps businesses manage their full-service restaurant catalogues, prices, and delivery services, accounting for food trucks, and bakeries accompanied by other small businesses with the goal to help them save money. StockTake Online’s vision is to help multi-unit operators and independent restaurants maximise their profits.

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What's next for Hospitality? Planning for 2023 with StockTake Online restaurant management software

Apr 12, 2023 10:32:29 AM / by Team STO


As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, restaurants need to keep up with the latest technology to stay competitive.  StockTake Online restaurant management software is here to help restaurateurs plan for 2023 and beyond.

With a suite of intuitive tools and features, StockTake Online helps restaurant owners manage their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. From inventory management and ordering, StockTake Online offers everything restaurateurs need to make informed decisions about their business operations. Read on to learn more about how StockTake Online can help you plan for the future.


The Future of Hospitality

As we head into 2023, the hospitality industry faces unique challenges that must be addressed for businesses to survive and thrive. In an ever-changing landscape, operators need to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to adapt quickly to new market conditions. One of the best ways to ensure success is to use technology to its fullest potential, leveraging innovative solutions to maximize efficiency and help business owners make informed decisions.

StockTake Online restaurant management software is one such solution that can help hospitality businesses prepare for the future. This comprehensive solution helps operators plan for the future by providing up-to-date data, as well as detailed analytics to help identify any areas that need improvement. Additionally, its intuitive user interface makes it easy for operators to make informed decisions based on their data, allowing them to stay ahead of trends and remain competitive.

With StockTake Online restaurant management software, operators can access vital information quickly and easily, enabling them to adjust their strategies and operations quickly in response to changing customer needs. By giving business owners access to the latest data and trends, they can make better decisions when it comes to ordering supplies, pricing their menu items, and marketing their offerings.

By taking advantage of StockTake Online restaurant management software, hospitality operators can effectively plan for the future and succeed in an ever-changing landscape. With the right tools and strategies in place, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and keep up with consumer demands, ensuring their long-term success.


Technology in The IndustryWhats-next-for-Hospitality-2

Technology has been a major driver in the hospitality industry for years, and it is only becoming more important as we look ahead to 2023. With the right tools and strategies in place, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues can use technology to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and provide better experiences for their customers.

One of the most effective and efficient ways to do this is with StockTake Online restaurant management software. StockTake Online helps hospitality businesses manage their operations from one centralised platform, making it easy to track financials, inventory, and more. It also provides an intuitive interface so you can keep track of all your data quickly and easily.

By taking advantage of the power of StockTake Online, hospitality businesses can better plan and stay ahead of the competition in 2023. With advanced features like integrated analytics, detailed reporting capabilities, and seamless integrations with other systems, StockTake Online is the perfect tool for any hospitality business looking to succeed in 2023.



Sustainability in Hospitality

Sustainability has become a major priority in hospitality businesses in recent years. From reducing energy costs to decreasing food waste, there are many strategies that can help you save money and create a more sustainable environment. One of the most popular trends in adopting digital technologies such as StockTake Online restaurant management software. By integrating digital technology into your business operations, you can streamline processes and make operations more efficient by reducing paper work.

StockTake Online restaurant management software provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can help you reduce your environmental footprint. The system allows you to track and monitor your food waste. This makes it easy to identify areas where you can improve efficiency, save money, and reduce waste.

In addition, StockTake Online restaurant management software makes it easy to stay organized and on top of all your operations. With the system’s reporting and analytics tools, you can easily identify areas where you can save time and money while still providing quality service.

By utilizing StockTake Online restaurant management software, you can start planning for a more sustainable future in hospitality. With the right tools and strategies in place, you can ensure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently while reducing your environmental impact in 2023.



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