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As IT Support Manager at StockTake Online, Ayushi Saxena brings eight years of rich experience in the Hospitality and IT sector. Her profound commitment to continuous learning and adaptability plays a pivotal role not only in enhancing technical trends but also in problem-solving capabilities, leadership skills, and people management. Her expertise spans System Implementation, Hospitality Analytical Data Study, Customer-Centric Approach, User Education and Comprehensive Training. All crucial components within the dynamic realm of support management. 

Ayushi Saxena embodies the spirit of growth and resilience, contributing significantly to StockTake Online's success. She has notably increased staff support's product knowledge while simultaneously enhancing troubleshooting skills. Her dedication is evident through designing and implementing training programs for the team. 

StockTake Online Editorial Guidelines 

StockTake Online is revolutionizing the process of discovering reliable and fitting restaurant content in the digital era, rendering it remarkably effortless. We are enhancing the comprehensibility and availability of hospitality information to empower you in making optimal decisions for your hospitality enterprise. 

StockTake Online is a stock control software that enables suppliers and operators to collaborate. It is the perfect sales, inventory, and accounting software for restaurants. It helps businesses manage their full-service restaurant catalogues, prices, and delivery services, accounting for food trucks, and bakeries accompanied by other small businesses with the goal to help them save money. StockTake Online’s vision is to help multi-unit operators and independent restaurants maximise their profits.

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Dec 21, 2023 2:45:53 PM / by Team STO posted in Hospitality Management Software, Hospitality Tips & Updates, stocktake online, Christmas, Christmas Cocktails, Cocktails


As the holiday season descends upon us, let's indulge in some delightful yet effortless festive Christmas cocktails to spread cheer. Whether a host of a merry gathering or merely relaxing by your fireplace; these handcrafted concoctions promise to infuse an extra touch of merriment into your celebrations. Explore with us now 10 Christmas cocktails that will undoubtedly brighten your spirits. 

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Navigating the Storm - Uncovering Quick Fixes and the Impact of Economic Changes on the Hospitality Industry

Oct 25, 2023 10:48:00 AM / by Team STO posted in Hospitality Management Software, Restaurant Inventory Management, Restaurant management software, Hospitality Tips & Updates, stocktake online, Hospitality Industry Solutions


In times the hospitality sector in the UK has encountered hurdles and amidst these challenges, a recession has further intensified the situation. Let us delve into how this economic downturn has impacted the UK hospitality market and delve into how businesses have relied on tools like StockTake Online and restaurant management software to weather this storm. 

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#5 Strategies to Enhance Restaurant Performance Amid Uncertain Times

Oct 23, 2023 10:09:04 AM / by Team STO posted in Hospitality Management Software, Restaurant Inventory Management, Restaurant management software, Hospitality Tips & Updates, stocktake online, Enhance Restaurant Performance, restaurant tech, boost restaurant revenue, Hospitality Industry Solutions


In the ever-changing landscape of the #restaurantindustry, the ability to adapt and thrive during uncertain times is crucial. As #restaurants face challenges, such as fluctuating customer demands, supply chain disruptions, and unforeseen events, it becomes essential for owners and managers to implement effective strategies to boost their restaurant's performance.

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How to Automate Recipe Calculations and Eliminate Low-Margin Items with StockTake Online in Times of Recession

Oct 20, 2023 7:42:54 AM / by Team STO posted in Hospitality Management Software, Restaurant management software, best restaurant management software, Hospitality Tips & Updates, Best Recipe Management Software in the UK, menu costing, recipe management system, stocktake online, Automate Recipe Calculations


Running a successful restaurant requires a lot of work, but with StockTake Online, it just got a lot easier, especially during times of recession. What you need is a recipe management system that enables restaurant owners to automate their recipe costing and eliminate low-margin items from their menus, which is even more crucial in a recession.

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