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As IT Support Manager at StockTake Online, Ayushi Saxena brings eight years of rich experience in the Hospitality and IT sector. Her profound commitment to continuous learning and adaptability plays a pivotal role not only in enhancing technical trends but also in problem-solving capabilities, leadership skills, and people management. Her expertise spans System Implementation, Hospitality Analytical Data Study, Customer-Centric Approach, User Education and Comprehensive Training. All crucial components within the dynamic realm of support management. 

Ayushi Saxena embodies the spirit of growth and resilience, contributing significantly to StockTake Online's success. She has notably increased staff support's product knowledge while simultaneously enhancing troubleshooting skills. Her dedication is evident through designing and implementing training programs for the team. 

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StockTake Online is a stock control software that enables suppliers and operators to collaborate. It is the perfect sales, inventory, and accounting software for restaurants. It helps businesses manage their full-service restaurant catalogues, prices, and delivery services, accounting for food trucks, and bakeries accompanied by other small businesses with the goal to help them save money. StockTake Online’s vision is to help multi-unit operators and independent restaurants maximise their profits.

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How to Automate Recipe Calculations and Eliminate Low-Margin Items with StockTake Online in Times of Recession

Oct 20, 2023 7:42:54 AM / by Team STO


Running a successful restaurant requires a lot of work, but with StockTake Online, it just got a lot easier, especially during times of recession. What you need is a recipe management system that enables restaurant owners to automate their recipe costing and eliminate low-margin items from their menus, which is even more crucial in a recession.


In economic downturns, restaurant owners can easily manage their ingredient costs, accurately predict their profit margins, and make informed decisions about their menu offerings with our software. Read to learn more about how STO can help you take control of your restaurant's bottom line, even in the face of a slump. 


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Menu costing is an important part of restaurant management that involves assessing the price of each menu item, considering the cost of ingredients and other overhead costs. It helps ensure that restaurants are making a profit on their menu items and making the best use of their resources, which becomes even more vital during a recession. This process can be a time-consuming and complex task, but with the best recipe management software, such as ours, it does not have to be. STO offers a simple yet powerful way to calculate food costs and manage recipes so that restaurants can optimize their profits, even in challenging economic times.




The importance of menu costing 

When it comes to running a successful restaurant, menu costing is an essential part of the process. Calculating the cost of each menu item ensures that your prices are accurate and in line with the overall profitability of your business. Menu costing also allows you to track the cost of your ingredients over time, helping you to identify and control costs and ensure that you have the best possible pricing for your customers, which is crucial when consumers are more price-sensitive due to economic hardships.

Having accurate recipe costing data can also help you make smarter decisions about the items on your menu, which is even more crucial during a downturn. You can use this data to identify which items are most profitable and which ones are costing you the most money. Knowing this information can help you create a more profitable menu by cutting out low-margin items or changing the recipes of higher-cost items, a strategy that can be particularly impactful when consumers are tightening their belts.

Menu costs can be complicated and time-consuming to calculate manually, especially when you have multiple recipes. During a recession when operational efficiency is key, many restaurants have started using recipe management systems to automate the menu costing process. With StockTake Online’s best recipe management software, you can easily create your recipes, analyze your ingredients' cost, and accurately calculate the price of each menu item, saving you time and money, both of which are valuable resources during economic downturns.


How to automate recipe calculations 

For restaurants, menu costing is a crucial aspect of their business, even more so during a slump. It involves tracking the cost of each recipe and calculating the price of a dish to ensure that it will be profitable, which becomes a survival strategy in tough economic times. This process can be both time-consuming and complex, but luckily there is now the best recipe management software – STO – that can make this task easier, allowing you to focus on adapting to the challenges of a recession. 

STO is an easy-to-use software that can automate the process of menu costing. It eliminates the need for manual calculations by allowing users to easily create recipes with ingredient costs, calculate dish prices in seconds, and see item margins immediately. As a result, determining which dishes are profitable becomes much easier, and labour costs associated with manual calculations are reduced. This level of automation becomes even more valuable during a depression when operating efficiently is crucial for survival.

StockTake Online - Designed Specifically For Hospitality Operators
StockTake Online - Designed Specifically For Hospitality Operators

The best part of using our software is that you can keep your recipes up-to-date with the most recent ingredient costs and pricing changes, which is essential during a downturn when supply chain disruptions can affect ingredient prices. This allows you to quickly identify any dishes that may have become unprofitable and adjust the prices accordingly. With STO, you can have confidence that your restaurant's menu items are always priced for maximum profitability, helping you weather the storm of a recession.


How to eliminate low-margin items 

Managing a restaurant menu can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but it is essential for ensuring profitability, a challenge that becomes even more pronounced during this hard time. A key part of menu management is eliminating low-margin items and substituting them with higher-margin items, a strategy that becomes a survival tactic in times of economic uncertainty. With the help of our software, the best recipe management software, you can easily identify and remove unprofitable menu items, ensuring that your menu is optimized for maximum profitability even during a situation of hardships.

By understanding what items have low margins, you can start to make decisions about replacing them or removing them from the menu altogether, a strategic move during a recession to focus on your most profitable offerings. The software allows you to track ingredient prices and quantity on hand, so you always know how much an ingredient costs and how much of it you have. This helps ensure that menu items are being priced appropriately and that no ingredients are being overused, which is especially important when every cost-saving measure counts.

By using StockTake Online to automate your recipe calculations and eliminate low-margin items, you can better manage your menu and maximize your profits, even when facing the challenges of a slump. The software provides all the tools you need to assess your menu and identify areas for improvement quickly and accurately, helping you adapt and thrive despite the economic downturn.





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