Our industry is our passion!

We are a passionate bunch!

Jun 5, 2020 12:11:52 AM / by Veral Desai

10 weeks of lockdown, the damage to our industry (hospitality) may hurt deep now however the challenges of relaunching in the coming weeks will bring back the culture of passion that fuels the industry.

We have seen many of favourite brands, local eateries and big chains adapting quickly to takeaway and delivery models. Fine dining Peruvian food is now delivered to your door on a moped. Steak Frites are now packaged in a baguette! The hunt for good coffee has turned us into household baristas!

All this innovation, strategy and planning at a time of adversity! I salute the people in our industry. It is true that in hospitality we often cross paths with the same crowd, however this in my opinion is supportive characteristic of this industry. Competition is healthy but being there for each other is simply the right thing to do, and we in hospitality do it the best! Even during this difficult time we do our bit for our Doctors, Nursers, Carers and key workers.

We had 10 weeks of innovation, renovation, reconnecting with family, friends and colleagues. We had 10 weeks of rest, recovery, netflix and home cooked meals. We had 10 weeks of being restless and stir-crazy and maybe even a little glum but that's okay. Whatever your experience has been, once thing that stands out is when it comes to hospitality - we are passion! we do it to make our guests smile, we do it to share our heritage of recipes, we do it because we simply love what we do.

I write this as a sign of respect to my colleagues, customers, family and friends - most of whom work in various section of hospitality - from chef's, bar managers, book-keepers, consultants, KP's and floor staff. I have been in this industry for over 10 years and still loving it!

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Veral Desai

Written by Veral Desai